The people who work at Stroud Court

Everybody who works here has an absolutely vital role to play in helping each of our residents achieve as full a life as possible, as well as contributing to the smooth running of Stroud Court and its facilities.

We’ve gathered — and trained — an amazing team of over 80 support workers and specialists in a wide variety of professional roles. Everybody on our staff, whatever their role and however much daily contact they have with our residents, takes part in autism training.


Key workers

Each resident has a key worker who is responsible for making sure that his or her care plan is implemented. Key workers also liaise with the resident’s family, local authority, and home community.


Team leaders

Each residential and activity unit has a team leader. Team leaders are also responsible for the support workers and specialist staff who look after the residents in their unit.


Support workers

We have almost 70 support workers who provide our residents with daily one-on-one care. We take time to match residents with their support worker, thinking about their needs and cultural background.


Specialist staff

We offer specialist therapies — like music therapy and aromatherapy — and employ staff with very specific training and knowledge.


Activities team

Our activities team runs a varied weekly programme of activities including crafting, interactive games, baking, sewing, textiles, flower arranging, growing and gardening, hiking and swimming. Many items made on site are sold at craft fairs and local stores.


Administrative staff

With several buildings, a wide range of facilities, and extensive grounds, managing and maintaining Stroud Court requires time and effort. Along with domestic and maintenance staff, we also employ administrative staff and people who look after our finances and fundraising.


Senior management team

Our senior management team has overall responsibility for the care of our residents, staff training, and the smooth running of Stroud Court.