Making Stroud Court truly autism friendly

Our goal is to make Stroud Court ever more able to meet the varied and unique needs of our adult autistic residents, improving quality of life for each and every one. We’re pleased to say that we’ve made significant progress on this worthwhile path.

We began a phased development project in 2010 with a projected budget of £3.5 million and the deeply-held belief that a better environment can make a real difference to the quality of life for our autistic adult residents.

Since then we’ve completed the first of six phases to improve, extend or entirely rebuild five residential houses. The extension and refurbishment of West Bank was completed on time and within budget in 2012 and now provides wonderful accommodation and facilities for five residents.

Bathrooms rooms have been added and common areas extended.  Large windows and patio doors encourage residents to spend time outdoors and all rooms are now wheelchair accessible. A redesigned layout allows for free-flowing, predictable transitions between rooms, so important for the emotional well-being of our residents.


A Home for Tom

We’re now looking forward to four additional phases of improvement comprised of rebuilding two existing units, refurbishing one unit, and building an entirely new unit.

We’ve named our entire development appeal A Home for Tom. We’ve been hugely inspired by one of our residents, Tom, and how finding a home at Stroud Court has made a significant difference to his quality of life.

For us, he’s come to represent the very great need to provide every one of our residents with a calm and relaxing environment that helps manage their specific vulnerabilities while providing opportunities to develop skills and interests.


The next phase

The next phase in our development plan is the rebuilding of one of our existing residential houses, Sycamore House.

Planning permission has been granted. Now, our priority is to secure funding. The cost of rebuilding Sycamore House will be close to £965,000.

If you are interested in helping us reach our funding goal for Sycamore House or any of other other development projects, we would love to hear from you. Our fundraising manager, Helen Kay, can give you more information about A Home for Tom and how you can help. She can be reached on 01453 834020 or email her at

Read more about Tom and our plans for the new Sycamore House here.