ContentPage_WhatWeBelieveOur mission, values, and goals

At Stroud Court, we’re here to help every autistic adult in our care live a life that’s more meaningful.

While it’s a simple goal, improving quality of life for autistic adults requires consideration, compassion, and commitment.

We start with the individual.

We appreciate each one of our residents as the unique and amazing people they are.

We accept and respect their vulnerabilities so we can provide them with the kind of care that’s just right for them.

We create a physical environment—rooms, buildings, outdoor spaces—that is specifically designed to liberate them from the stress and anxiety they experience.

We introduce activities and experiences that may lead to greater interaction, learning, independence, and enjoyment.

We assemble a community of doctors, therapists, autism experts, support workers, family members and friends who pull together to support them.

We use our knowledge and experience to improve our residents’ lives with kindness and compassion, in ways big and small, every day.