The Stroud Court story

Our story begins in the early 1980s, with a group of parents of autistic teens. Frustrated by the lack of appropriate services available to them and their children, they took matters into their own hands. They decided to establish a home which would provide long-term support focused entirely on the needs of their autistic children.

In 1983, these parents found a property, a large Georgian house standing in 17 acres of land, near the village of Minchinhampton in Gloucestershire. With government help they brought the property and renamed it Stroud Court.

Its aims were simple — to enable its residents to lead fulfilling lives, supported by people who truly understood their needs, within an environment designed to minimise stress and anxiety.

Many of those original residents still live here today. They’ve been joined by new residents and new support workers. And while our knowledge and understanding of autism has grown over the years, our goals have not changed significantly.

Then, as now, our mission is to improve each resident’s quality of life in whatever way we can.