ContentPage_TomsStoryWhen Tom found a home with us, everything changed

Tom is one of our autistic adult residents. This is his story.

For several years, Tom found himself living in a one bedroom house on a housing estate. His care workers gave him wonderful support but in the evenings and at weekends Tom was by himself. And left alone, he became increasingly reclusive and anxious.

Then Tom moved to Stroud Court. Almost immediately Tom felt more comfortable. He began venturing outside and exploring the grounds. He started interacting with staff and other residents. Today, he’s more relaxed, contented, and sociable.

In Tom, we’ve seen that the right environment can make a world of difference. And that’s something we’d like to be able to give all our residents.


A Home for Tom: the Stroud Court building appeal

In early 2016 we launched our building appeal. Our aim is to rebuild and renovate Stroud Court to make it even more autism friendly. We’ve called our appeal A Home for Tom because we feel that Tom perfectly represents the way thoughtful, creative and appropriate design can make a difference to our residents.

Tom is now a happy and active member of our community. He still appreciates occasional periods of time on his own, but is empowered to choose when and where this happens. Tom now joins in regular social activities and is building positive and fulfilling relationships with other residents in nearby units.