ContentPage_BuildingAppealWhy we’re rebuilding Stroud Court

In the years since Stroud Court was established, our understanding of autism has increased significantly.

We now know how great an impact a thoughtfully-designed, autism-friendly environment can have on our residents. That’s why are embarking on a ten-year plan of rebuilding and renovation.

We hope to build three new accommodation units and extend an existing unit. Together, these four units, arranged in a cluster, will provide spacious, light and predictable accommodation  surrounded by attractive landscaping and with accessible paths running in between each building.


The next phase — Sycamore House

Sycamore House is one of Stroud Court’s eight residential houses and home to a group of four autistic adults. Part of the original property, it no longer provides what we consider to be a fully autism-friendly environment. The changes we need are substantial and so complete rebuilding is required.

Molly is one of our trustees. She also has a very personal connection to Stroud Court. In the video below, she explains why rebuilding Sycamore House is so important.



The new and improved Sycamore House

The new building has been carefully planned to help our autistic residents better navigate their world and, in doing so, liberate them from stress, promote calmness, and reduce difficult behaviours.


Spacious and relaxing 

It will have a large entrance area to encourage an easy flow of residents in and out of the building. The main living and eating areas will be grouped around a curved central atrium to give everyone a clear view of the whole ground floor area.

The open plan layout will allow the residents to more accurately predict their wider environment, helping them to feel calmer and more relaxed. Wider corridors and a wide staircase will enable the residents to pass each other easily, avoiding unwanted or unexpected contact.


Small but significant details 

As fluorescent light bulbs flicker at a frequency that’s noticeable to some autistic people, we’ll rely on natural lighting where we can.

Sudden changes in temperature and the intense warmth of radiators can be stressful, so we’ll use underfloor heating where possible.

We’ll use neutral paint on the walls to help residents who struggle with depth perception.


The cost of rebuilding

Unfortunately, while we receive some money from our residents’ local councils to cover their living expenses, we rely entirely on the kindness and generosity of supporters to maintain and develop Stroud Court’s buildings.

Please consider supporting our building appeal today. You can make a donation or get involved in other ways.