ContentPage_GetInvolvedGiving your support to A Home for Tom

Right now we desperately need support for A Home for Tom. There are several important ways you can help us get our building appeal off the ground.


Help us raise the money we need

If you’re inspired to help us by organising a fundraiser or sponsored event, you can choose to direct any funds that you raise to A Home for Tom.


Donate an item or service

If you’d like to make a practical contribution to furnishing Sycamore House, such as a washing machine, freezer or even a toaster, please let us know and we can share our wish list with you.


Encourage local organisations to get involved

If you know of a local business or organisation that you think could help us, please ask them to get in touch.


Bring us your big ideas

We’re always open to new fundraising ideas and initiatives, especially with an appeal the size of A Home for Tom.


If you’re willing to support A Home for Tom, please contact our head of fundraising, Helen Kay, on 01453 834020 or email her at

We live in uncertain times. Should the appeal not proceed all donations will still be used to benefit our autistic adult residents.